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Welcome to Eden Advance, a LJ Community for fans of the Sci-Fi TV Show Earth 2.

Since this is a brand new community I'm openly recruiting members and trying to get the place up and running at the same time. I decided to do this because I noticed that there were periphery communities based on the cast, but not one single community based on the entire show. (If I'm wrong please, please contact me. I've been searching but I can't find one yet.) Since I've just discovered the show myself, 10+ years after it finished, I've been busy gobbling up anything that I can find.

This community will accept anything along as it is suitable for most ages. Say 14 years old and up. If you want to put anything rated NC-17 or higher, please put it behind an LJ Cut. So, post your fan fiction, icons, wallpaper, fan art, commentary, actor news, or anything else you can think up that is related to the show and its fabulous cast.

Have Fun and POST!