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Beta needed

I have finished frist Earth 2 fan fiction and I really need some on e to beta read it for me.

It's an AU of 'Brave New Pacfica' and could be the start of a series, but at the moment it's just 4 thousand words.

My grammar is benoyd bad, and my spelling is that much better, I am mildly Deslyxic so some time I get words mixed up.
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Help, please! Fic request.

Okay, I'm looking for a specific fic. One that I believe I read in 2000. It's set after Eden Advance has made it to New Pacifica and have established a colony. Devon and Danziger have a baby, as I recall. The second ship lands, unaware, I believe, that there had been a problem.

I'm fairly sure that Uly's original doctor was on the second ship. I think that the new people are fairly snooty. Anyway, I'm dying to read it again. Can anyone help? I'll love you forever.
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I was wondering if anybody has the complete listing of the Earth 2 soundtrack?
I have a picture of the front cover of the CD but none of the back side with the track list.

Any help would be appreciated, thank you!
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Icons & Wallpapers

[o6 Bones - Booth/Bones]
[o4 Pitch Black - o2 Riddick/Fry | o1 Riddick | o1 Carolyn Fry]
[o4 Heroes - Peter/Claire]</b>
[o8 Stargate Atlantis - o6 Characters | o2 Team]
[o6 Stargate SG1 - Jack/Sam]</b>
[o4 Battlestar Galactica - Lee/Kara]
[o4 House MD - House/Cuddy]

[o8 Earth 2 - o4 Danziger/Devon | o4 Alonzo/Julia]
[o6 Skip Beat - o2 Kyoko | o3 Ren/Kyoko | o1 Ren/Kyoko/Shou]

[o1 Wallpaper - "Running Up That Hill"]

[o1 Wallpaper - Earth 2: Danziger/Devon]
[o1 Wallpaper - SG1: Jack/Sam (Rick/Amanda)]

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Earth 2 Music Video - Danziger/Devon

I listened to this song yesterday for the first time and thought instantly of Danziger/Devon :) It's been some time since I made a vid but I hope you'll still like it. It's zipped and in .wmv - if you want an .avi-version I can upload one.

Title: Into The Dark
Song: by Melissa Etheridge
Size: 23 mb
Summary: There's a place Danziger and Devon will go... together into the dark...
Spoiler: Season One
Download - Right-click

Enjoy :D A complete list of all my music videos is posted here.

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