Safe & Sound (untappdtreasure) wrote in eden_advance,
Safe & Sound

[Fanfiction] Come Morning Light || Devon & Danziger

Title: Come Morning Light
Pairing: John Danziger & Devon Adair
Rated: T (for adult situations)
Spoilers: All About Eve
Summary: This was more than a journey across an unknown planet to reach New Pacifica. This was the journey of survival, and the truest test of all. Learning how to fall.
A/N: This is my first Earth 2 fanfiction. So please be gentle. Danziger and Devon are my all time favorite on this series, and I tried so hard to capture the essence of them. And the series premature ending just left me unsatisfied so I had to do this. It's a multi-chapter piece. So bear with me as all the details aren't worked out, but I know the general direction. It's a story of hope, fear, but most of all, love.
Status: Incomplete

[1] || [2] || [3] || [4] || [5] at untappdtreasure
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