Stephanie (flareonfury) wrote in eden_advance,

Fic: Off Balance (Earth 2, Devon/John)

Title: Off Balance
Fandom: Earth 2
Pairings: Devon/John
Rating: G
Warnings/Spoilers: Episode "All About Eve"
Summary: The group's balance tipped...
Notes: Written for tv_100 prompt balance. Just recently finished watching the series for what I believe is the first time, but I have a feeling I've watched it before (My dad knows the show, so I'm assuming he watched it when it was on and thus why I get the familiar feelings), and I can't BELIEVE they cancelled this show! Bastards. Anyway Devon/Danziger is definitely my OTP and I just had to write this. This definitely won't be my last fic for this fandom.

( off balance........ )
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