Lady Firebird (lfvoy) wrote in eden_advance,
Lady Firebird

pickup and a fic request

I don't know if anyone else seems to have noticed this, but it seems like there's been a pickup in E2 fan fiction lately over at Granted, I'm one of the writers, but this isn't meant to be a self-plug. There have been sixteen new stories added in the last six months over there. That's an average of 2.5 stories a month, and this doesn't count updates to stories that had been previously published.

Am I imagining things when I think that I see an increase in activity?


Also, speaking of fan fiction, I need some help trying to find a story that isn't on I ran across it once and can't find it again. It was a multi-chapter fic that involved Danziger being thrown back in time via the spider tunnels, and he ended up going around the loop three times (I think?) to make sure that Uly was born even though it was a product of rape. Can anyone help me out here?

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