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[Fanfiction] Come Morning Light || Devon & Danziger

Title: Come Morning Light
Pairing: John Danziger & Devon Adair
Rated: T (for adult situations)
Spoilers: All About Eve
Summary: This was more than a journey across an unknown planet to reach New Pacifica. This was the journey of survival, and the truest test of all. Learning how to fall.
A/N: This is my first Earth 2 fanfiction. So please be gentle. Danziger and Devon are my all time favorite on this series, and I tried so hard to capture the essence of them. And the series premature ending just left me unsatisfied so I had to do this. It's a multi-chapter piece. So bear with me as all the details aren't worked out, but I know the general direction. It's a story of hope, fear, but most of all, love.
Status: Incomplete

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e2: devon/danziger: we are here today

Help please! Searching for a fic...

Years ago I read an Earth 2 fanfic that I have not been able to find again since.

It was a "5 times" style fic, and one of the sections dealt with the Advance team not reaching New Pacifica in time for the colony ship's arrival (though they do watch it land/see it arrive from a great distance) and instead deciding to settle where they are. I'm pretty sure the fic was posted on a livejournal.

Anyone remember it and know where I might find it again?


Rewatch the series

Hi Eden Advance.

I hope this post is allowed; please delete if not.

rewind_tv is a journal where old TV shows are rewatched on DVD and (hopefully) discussed. Currently we're working through Earth 2. The pilot went up yesterday.

Each episode is recapped in detail, with reactions, thoughts and nitpicks inserted as we go. Come along and give us your reactions as we work through the series.

rewind_tv is also posting on dreamwidth.

Fic: Off Balance (Earth 2, Devon/John)

Title: Off Balance
Fandom: Earth 2
Pairings: Devon/John
Rating: G
Warnings/Spoilers: Episode "All About Eve"
Summary: The group's balance tipped...
Notes: Written for tv_100 prompt balance. Just recently finished watching the series for what I believe is the first time, but I have a feeling I've watched it before (My dad knows the show, so I'm assuming he watched it when it was on and thus why I get the familiar feelings), and I can't BELIEVE they cancelled this show! Bastards. Anyway Devon/Danziger is definitely my OTP and I just had to write this. This definitely won't be my last fic for this fandom.

( off balance........ )
Bucky Shield

Jessica Steen

Hey there guys! I am not sure if any of you watch Flashpoint on Friday nights at 9 on CBS, but Jessica Steen joined the cast during last week's episode, and I think she is going to be there for at LEAST 6 weeks. : )

I just thought you all might like to know that!

Take care!

pickup and a fic request

I don't know if anyone else seems to have noticed this, but it seems like there's been a pickup in E2 fan fiction lately over at Granted, I'm one of the writers, but this isn't meant to be a self-plug. There have been sixteen new stories added in the last six months over there. That's an average of 2.5 stories a month, and this doesn't count updates to stories that had been previously published.

Am I imagining things when I think that I see an increase in activity?


Also, speaking of fan fiction, I need some help trying to find a story that isn't on I ran across it once and can't find it again. It was a multi-chapter fic that involved Danziger being thrown back in time via the spider tunnels, and he ended up going around the loop three times (I think?) to make sure that Uly was born even though it was a product of rape. Can anyone help me out here?

La, Laura

Anyone else have this happen?

1. You got on the E2 bandwagon after the show ended...

2. But was a really good show as re-runs on the Sci-Fi Channel or whatever, so suddenly you'd 'never miss an episode'... I mean the show might not have even had whatever it is that normally draws you into s/f, but is apparently so good that you just keep watching anyway...

3. Then you get to that one episode "All About Eve" (I'm an AI-Fiction fan bigtime, by the way), and "_WOW_!" isn't even close to what you are feeling, and...

4. ... and then you discover that was the Last episode -ever made-, and, well, we'll just omit these next expressions cause childREN might be reading this community :-D

Has there ever been any attempt to bring back the show or perhaps in other mediums? Any really good fan fic out there that keeps the whole "Eve" business Relevant?

- Dave